Warlock Station

There are two methods of quick interstellar travel.  The first is via hyper space, the second is to employ rare jump points that may instantly transport a vessel between two fixed points in space.  Warlock Station is a massive asteroid, more like an airless planetoid, located a few million kilometers from not one but two jump points.  These jump points do not lead directly to any systems of note but they do cut a lot of time off of lengthy trips across certain parts of the Confederacy.

When the jump points were discovered a collection of corporations attempted to make them pay.  A planetoid was towed at great expense to sit more closely to the points, then a station was carved out of the stellar body. But no one ever seemed to be able t make the facility reap a profit and it was sold at a loss.  The station passed between hands and over time the station was expanded upon.  These days the station has fallen into disrepute, a place where smugglers meet in the black of space to make secret deals, for exiles reside until they can find more permanent homes, for wanted criminals to hide.

These days the station is run by the Blue Midnight Cabal, a barely legitimate business concern that makes ends meet through less than savory means. They allow all manner to illicit activity to occur on Warlock Station provided they get a cut.  Confederacy authorities largely turn a blind eye for two reasons; Warlock Station is outside of official Confederacy borders (although that has not stopped the occasional punitive mission) and it is an invaluable source of intelligence regarding the Confederacy underworld.  As long as the more unsavory crimes are kept off the station such as sentient trafficking the Confederacy tolerates Warlock Station's existence.

Warlock Station's massive warehouses contain almost anything a sentient can think of, most of illegally obtained.  It's brothels contain all manner of exotic sex workers, its hotels ranging from barely livable to luxurious. A person, it is said, can find just about anything they want or need at Warlock Station,for the right price.

Warlock Station is located a scant few hundred light years from Earth, it is normal for ships from that "backwater" planet to make the place it's first stop in order to pick up on gossip and to sell some Vernors for operating capital.

Warlock Station

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