The Peter Darryl Chambers

Starting with the christening of the Kate Bush, the first ship built by a human government for the purpose of exploring space outside of the solar system, it has been a tradition to name hyper drive equipped ships after notable people.  Besides the Kate Bush (known as "The Katie B" by her crews) there is also the Mustapha, named after the super hero Mustapha, formerly Jerome Gilles, who died on the Starscraper in 2010 (The ship is known by her crew as "The Musty") and the Cyndane, a member of The Vindicators who also died aboard that station.

The fourth ship is a radical departure from the other three.  While those vessels were constructed as large "long haul" vessels designed for extended trips, the Peter Darryl Chambers (Construction crews call it the "PDC", short also for "Pretty Darn Cute") is a scout vessel/corvette that can also act as a light freighter provided much of its internal volume is devoted to storing cargo.  The vessel is the product of years of research regarding hyper drive engines, with Terran scientists and engineers learning from the information gleaned from cruises into Confederacy space combined with all the data compiled by ECLIPSE engineers regarding the technology.  The result is the first small sized hyper drive engine, rated at a level of speed rivaling many Confederacy fast freighters, blockade runners and corvettes.  The sacrifice, however, is that the ship is lightly armed.  It possesses minimal point defense lasers as well as a limited missile system (While the missiles on board are Earth designed, engineers have ingeniously adapted the launchers to be able to accommodate several popular Confederacy missiles of similar size.).

The ship consists of two decks, with the bridge on deck one as well as a machine shop outfitted with advanced fabricators as well as the principle storage areas and the primary airlock.

The living quarters are on deck two.  Crew quarters are a bit cramped, consisting of each crew member having their own bunk.

The dining area doubles as the conference room to conserve space.

Deck two is also the location of the small but well equipped med bay, which can be isolated from the rest of the vessel with it's own life support in the event the rest of the crew needs to be protected.  It is located directly above the airlock and can be directly accessed from it.

The PDC has on hand the latest Earth designed and manufactured space suits, designed after studying the wide variety of suits employed by various peoples in the Confederacy.  Old Earth space suits were custom designed to fit specific astronauts but these new suits are fully adjustable to conform to various human body types.

The vessel is designed for long voyages with a maximum crew of ten with a captain.   It is too small to be equipped with a FTL transmitter.

The Peter Darryl Chambers

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