Ghilabos are living power batteries, they are able to generate powerful bolts of energy from their face tentacles. They gather sustenance from electrical, nuclear or solar energy, or from the energized clouds of their homeworld. Sexless, they stand between five and six feet tall.

Ghilabos lay eggs in the nursery caves of their homeworld, which are sustained by the thermal energies and wisps of energy clouds found there. Upon hatching the young fight over the ambient energy, with the survivors able to feed from the clouds without too much competition. Other races may consider this cruel, but the Ghilabos feel in this way the strongest of their species survive to adulthood.

Ghilabos prize strength in all things; physical strength, military strength, strength of conviction. A militant society, their low numbers prevent them from more ambitious thoughts of conquest. Ghilabos are a representative democracy, with each citizen having the right to vote for their supreme leader for life.

Ghilabos have an impressive military, with advanced ships. Outside of that their technology levels can be considered basic at best.


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