Earth and The Confederacy

In 1967 an alien race known as the Styf attacked the Earth.  A race without the capability to travel faster than light, they had spent decades drifting through space until they came upon a world where they felt they could enslave the comparatively primitive inhabitants.  It came as an utter shock to them that a combined force of professional soldiers and super humans stole aboard their ship and disabled it, defeating them.  The cost was several major cities being destroyed by well placed asteroids but in the long run Earth benefited from the technologies taken from the captured vessel.

Over the next couple decades alien scout craft, pirates and merchants would wander into Earth's sphere, expecting potentially easy pickings and discovering a group called ECLIPSE waiting for them.  Many ships were captured and many aliens incarcerated, their technologies dissected…as well as a few unlucky spacefarers.

ECLIPSE was eventually taken down, but not before one of their prisoners, a being known as Ruk'az, who had suffered from an amnesia ancient enemies have forced upon him, awoke when the ECLIPSE facility where he was being held was attacked by enemies.  Freed, he escaped Earth but not before leaving a wake of destruction behind him.  Some of Earth's heroes as well as alien comrades freed from ECLIPSE's clutches, went after Ruk'az, only discovering later he was one of four awesomely powerful beings who had forgotten what they were.

Another group of heroes went after the first when it was discovered they might become the victims of a "telephathic infection" that would cause them to become evil.  Both groups had their share of adventures and made a bit of a mark on the Confederacy, making some people sit up and wonder who these "Terrans" were and why they were so good at causing chaos wherever they went.

Ever since a Confederacy presence has been kept on Earth, a consulate where the Department of External Affairs can do business with the various Earth governments.  Trade agreements have been forged, exchanging technology and used equipment for Earth's greatest commodity: data.  And Vernors.  Some beings simply cannot get enough of the stuff.  Vernors has become so popular.

Earth and The Confederacy

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