BIOLOGY: The Wrin are a near-amorphous, boneless species with no definitive organs. Their brains are spread throughout their bodies. They do not have eyes but they are photo-sensitive nerves throughout their skin giving them a rudimentary eyesight, and they have highly acute hearing, touch and smell. Their skin is both flexible but very tough, providing them with protection from great tempurature extremes and physical trauma. These advantages come at a cost, as the average wrin's physical speed and reflexes are slower than most sentient species of comparable size. Full grown Wrin can adopt a variety of forms but they usually retain a tripedal shape about four feet high. Full grown Wrin usally weigh about 300 pounds.

Sexless, the Wrin procreate via multi-fission; when certain bio-chemical changes occur within a Wrin body, it will break into several smaller versions of the original. In this state the Wrinlings a confused and helpless and it is some months before the memories of the original are collated and accessable, and not all memories are retained.

POLITICS/SOCIETY: The wrin are generally a peace-loving species although in the past they have been involved in several major conflicts, acting mostly as engineers, medics and serving in other support capacities as their poor speed. The Wrin do not believe in personal ownership of anything save their own bodies and what they can carry within them.  In the years before the Confederacy this attitude was taken advantage of by different merchants and alien governments and the race was exploited.  The term "gullible as a Wrin" was commonplace.  These days the Wrin are much more skilled at economics and trade.

TECHNOLOGICAL SOPHISTICATION: The Wrin's technical background is basic for an interstellar society, but they truly excel at bio/life sciences. They have pioneered symbiotic science, the creation of special-purpose life forms that give users various abilities. The Translato-worm is especially popular.


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