The Game's Soundtrack

Since this is a cinematic game it is appropriate that there be music to go along with it.  And admittedly as a child of the eighties I angled for music from that era.  I won't deny that my decision was influenced by the Guardians of The Galaxy movies.  But if you're going to steal, steal from the best, right?

If you have some ideas for the soundtrack, be it a song or part of a score, don't hesitate to throw the suggestion my way.

GoGos, Vacation

Kate Bush, Hounds of Love

Romeo Void, Never Say Never

Blondie, Atomic

New Order, Blue Monday

Adam and The Ants, Stand and Deliver

Def Leppard, Gods of War

The Jam, A Town Called Malice

Afrika Bambaataa, Planet Rock

Guns N Roses, Welcome To the Jungle

Love Is The Hero, Billy Squier and Freddie Mercury

Young M.C., Bust a Move

Explorers Soundtrack, Construction

Explorers Soundtrack, First Flight

The Right Stuff Soundtrack, Light This Candle

The Right Stuff Soundtrack, Daybreak In Space

Flight of The Navigator Soundtrack, Flight

The Last Starfighter Soundtrack, Outer Space Chase

Outland Soundtrack, Hot Water

Outland Soundtrack, Leisure Club

The Abyss Soundtrack, The Fight

Brainstorm Soundtrack, Race For Time

Battle Beyond The Stars Soundtrack, Cowboy's Attack

Battle Beyond The Stars Soundtrack, Love Theme

Battle Beyond The Stars Soundtrack, The Hunter

Life Force, Call of The Wild

Life Force, Web of Destiny

Space Camp, In Orbit

The Fly, The Creature

The Fly, The Jump

Humanoids From The Deep, Unwelcome Visitor

Humanoids From The Deep, The Humanoids Attack

Humanoids From The Deep, Search For Clues

High Road To China, The Flying Lesson

The Goonies, Slide To The Inferno

The Game's Soundtrack

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