Technology in The Confederacy

A game like Cosmic Defenders is either inspired by or outright borrows concepts from a wide variety of sources.  I've been watching science fiction television series and movies and reading science fiction novels for decades now and all of it influences what I insert into my games.  Now that doesn't mean that an alien doctor is going to be using a medical tricorder lifted straight out of Star Trek, The Next Generation.  But he might use a similar device and call it a medscanner.  Below are links to various types of technology and what characters may expect to find when exploring the Confederacy.


Extravehicular Space Equipment

Medical Technology

Robots and Androids




Space Elevators: While considered obsolete on most worlds there are still examples of these impressive feats of engineering found on some worlds.  Space elevators consist of a series of immense cables linking an anchor point on a planet to a facility in orbit.  With the advent of teleporters space elevators became used mostly to shift tremendous amounts of mass that are to costly to move via teleporters.


Technology in The Confederacy

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