An unremarkable world, Piersym possesses little in the way of natural resources.  Much of its ground not suitable for farming and its small oceans are largely devoid of life.  Its atmosphere is barely able to sustain oxygen breathing life and temperature is barely temperate.  What makes it interesting is that it is the primary base for the Confederacy Space Navy.

The world's inhabitants are almost entirely military personnel of all stripes and is home to at least three or four flag ranking officers who coordinate the deployment of the Confederacy's various fleets and ground forces.  The planet is completely dependent on the import of consumables as the planet's surface barely sustains any life.

The Confederacy always has at least one fleet of warships patrolling the system to insure the planet's security.  The fleets are rotated for security purposes to insure no commander ever grows too complacent in what is considered a largely boring duty.

The Confederacy Navy's chief is Grand Admiral Waynio Grezal.  Curious religious taboos prevent him from acquiring the cybernetic implants or cloned body parts to replace what he has lost in a lifetime of war.  Despite this Waynio is a feisty old curmudgeon that is convinced he is going to out-live everyone under his extensive command.



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