Getting Around Space

Over the centuries various civilized races have attempted, achieved and perfected space travel, but it is the rare race that achieves true practical interstellar flight.  Various methods have been attempted but in the end there are only two known practical ways for vessels to travel.  The first is to drop a ship into hyper space, another dimension that allows for vessels to travel faster than light without interacting directly with sidereal space.  The more efficient the hyper drive the faster the journey.  While many advances have been made in regards to hyper drive engines, no ship smaller than a light freighter has ever been equipped with one; the power needs and size of the hyper drive make installing one on a fighter craft impossible.  This has not stopped engineers from trying, however.

The other method of travel involves the use of wormholes.  Wormholes are relative rare, with only a dozen or so known to exist within Confederacy space.  Travel via wormhole, unlike hyper space, is instantaneous between two points, providing considerable advantages when it comes to military transport and trade.  For this reason all known wormholes are heavily protected by space fortresses and/or fleets and trade between them is heavily regulated.

Space travel can be expensive and any trip is not taken lightly.  For the most part only traders and military personnel travel through space regularly.  If one does travel as a passenger to another world they either pay a trader or military vessel a high fee for the privilege or they travel as cargo in cryo chambers. Cryo chambers are a cheap and effective means of moving large numbers of people as a ship does not have to stock extra food and water for them and life support needs are kept to a minimum.

NOTE: While in comics, novels, television series and films there are different modes of space travel, I elected to be inspired by the one David Weber developed.

Getting Around Space

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