What is Cosmic Defenders? Cosmic Defenders is a PBEM, or play-by-e-mail, a game that is played online via e-mail through a mailing list.  Players control a character and post their thoughts and actions in a narrative format while the GM collates all the information and controls the environment and non-player characters.

Cool.  So where/when does the game take place?  Cosmic Defenders takes place in what I call the Science City universe.  Science City is another PBEM where players run super heroes that live and work in one of the most amazing metropolises on Earth.

Can I play in Science City too?  Well, the game is pretty full up at the moment, so there are no openings.  sorry.

Oh, okay.  So, where does Cosmic Defenders happen, specifically?  Cosmic Defenders takes place in space, among the planets that make up the intergalactic community humans are just now being exposed to.

Is there a rule system?  No, there is no rule system, it's free form.  It's not as scary as it sounds. I've been GMing a long time and I know my way around running an adventure.

What kind of character can I play?  My idea regarding the game is you can play a human from Earth, a super hero type or adventurer or someone with a military background.  Or you can play an alien.  Pitch a concept at me and we can discuss it and I'll work up a way for your character to be involved in the adventure.

How powerful can this character be? Considering the wide scope of the adventures I have in mind and the influences your character can be pretty powerful.  We would need to discuss potential limitations on these powers, though.

Can I play a canon character? Sorry, no.  So no Green Lantern or Iron Man.  You can play a character inspired by a canon character but you do need to add some originality to the character.

What is the plot?  The idea is that there is a massive threat to the galaxy and the heroes have been gathered together to stop it.  The hows and whys will be revealed as the game goes on but rest assured, when you start the game I will provide some direction so you aren't floundering around, clueless.

What if I have other questions not listed here?  Contact me at tstockel@rocketmail.com and I'll do my best to answer them.



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