Zubrette Aldeen




Zubrette Aldeen is a non-terran human born on Osara. She made no attempts at concealing her telekinetic gifts which surfaced at roughly the same time she started teething. Initially her parents found the gift promising and nearly every early conversation she can recall was littered with their hopes and suggestions that she seek recruitment into The Galactic Guard. They soon relaxed their hopes to include just about any lawful task force. By her teen years her parents were just hoping she’d avoid being incarcerated by local law enforcement. She’d taken to a life of petty, harmless crime from a young age. It escalated as she grew, but limited mostly to low level personal property theft and cheating at dice and debt dodging. It was just the run of the mill shenanigans of the street urchins she’d taken to roaming around with. She tried giving some of her pilfered goods to the family; they were absolutely poor and could use the help, but they were good folks and adamantly disapproved of such criminal conduct. They refused any of her help or ill-gotten spoils and she checked in at home less and less often. She certainly hung with the wrong crowd, but she avoided engaging in the more excessive crimes involving violence. She had her own code of ethics and boundaries, but the finer points of property ownership were never among them.

When she’d dodged legal ramifications about as far as she felt her luck would allow she took to the road for new opportunities and work. Her line of work encompassed some shady employers and pinned her with some dubious job descriptions, but she managed to keep murder off of her internal checklist of regrets even if the occasional assault had to be bore. She was never master thief material and planning ahead further than her next haul never occurred to her. When the opportunity presented itself to acquire a rundown ship she moved on it. The ship’s ownership credentials had been forged long before she came along, but she added her own illegal lines of falsified transference just to keep things neat and proper. She managed to keep that ship in orbit for two long days before she was forced to put down for repairs. The two longest days of her life. The docking seals were a disaster, life support was a cruel joke and propulsion systems started giving out prior to orbital reentry. Her TK was the only thing that saved her life during those two days. Her vessel was locked down with outstanding port fees and she couldn’t cover the cost of repairs. She had no way of paying to refuel even if she wanted to get back in the air. While she worked odd jobs to bring in the unsteady credits she continued skirting the legal code of conduct heavily preferred by civilized outposts. She persisted at honing her telekinetic powers, but was never particularly interested in experimenting with new ways to use them. She had her bag of tricks and didn’t much see the need to play outside of that wheelhouse. An objective observer would probably take note of her flaws first and struggle to latch onto her more positive if dubious attributes.

She has never been a physically imposing figure unless you’re intimidated by long limbs and the confident strut of someone who knows how to defend themself. She’s agile and dexterous, but no stronger than you’d expect of someone her size. Some porch climbers have the roaming, shifty eyes of one who’s always looking for danger or a way out, but she relies more on a sharpened peripheral vision to keep alert. Her nimble fingers lend themselves equally towards sleight of hand diversions and multiple input computer interfaces. She has no intuitive knowledge of computer systems or their operations, but that’s no fault of her fingers. She’s just never taken an interest in learning much about them. Her approach is to press as many buttons as she can as quickly as she can and learn as she goes. This is not always a good approach. This is rarely a good approach. She’s all too happy to bring her optimistic style to bare on unsuspecting computer interfaces, but if success is mission critical find someone better qualified.


In heavy combat situations she wears a form-fitting armored suit to protect an otherwise vulnerable body. Strictly speaking the armor doesn’t belong to her, but neither did the ship she found it in. She figured her two illspent days floating through space in that rust bucket entitled her to something. But she always felt entitled to somebody else’s something. The suit fit quite well once she made a few adjustments and swapped out some of the larger sections she couldn’t reconcile. She wasn’t sure how the original owner managed to get into the damned thing with all of it’s clips, clamps and clasps, but she did what she always did and fell back to what she knew. She uses telekinesis (TK) to bring each small segment of the armor roughly into position around her body and it assembles itself in sections automatically when it’s aligned correctly. In this manner she’s able to suit up or slip out of the armor in a matter of seconds. The armor is not extremely durable and must be routinely repaired or replaced in pieces and panels as they become damaged. She augments her agility and physical attacks with TK, favoring blunt trauma weapons like the staff to guns or blades.

Outside of combat she’s practically lazy, choosing to do things the TK way whenever possible. She’s been taking the easy way since before she could speak and completing menial tasks in this fashion comes quite naturally to her. Some would say she relies on it too heavily, often to the annoyance of bystanders. A handbook of diverse tactics and a fallback plan in the event of power nullification would serve any soldier well. Unfortunately she has never been trained as a soldier (or at all) and planning for the worst goes against her optimistic nature. Surely what’s served her well in the past will serve her well in the future, right?

Vex’s powers fall under the classification of Telekinetic Force Manipulation (or TK for short.) Telekinetic forces create and absorb enough energy to nullify or generate inertia, but countering extreme mass or velocity increases the efforts required for manipulating telekinetic forces. Vex would tell you she’s highly selective on the expenditures of her time and energy, but the truth is she’s just lazy. Deflecting an incoming object’s trajectory minimally is easier than stopping it’s motion all together. It makes for a chaotic battlefield and the guy beside her might not appreciate such a flippant approach to dealing with projectiles, but it’s a big galaxy and there’s room for everyone’s opinion. She’s found pushing and sliding objects actually required more effort than lifting or carrying it with TK. Her powers do a good job of mitigating inertia quite automatically or subconsciously, but dealing with the friction generated between two chunks of solid matter sliding against one another still took more work. Anything above a light burden or effort requires an accompanying somatic hand gesture, otherwise the telekinesis works hands free. It’s a safe bet that Vex will choose to ply her trade with the least amount of effort and that means using the smallest items she can find.

If you asked her whether Telekinesis was science or magic, she’d tell you magic. But if you asked her what was magic she’d tell you it’s just another type of science that she doesn’t understand. Thinking about how something is done is only important when teaching the mechanics to others. She clearly knew how to do it already so she simply skipped the understanding part.

Attract & repel objects in near vicinity (comfort zone < 50 lbs, threshold < 500 lbs)
Deflect & reflect attacks (change trajectory of weapons and projectiles)
Rudimentary Force shield generation (momentary defense & platform creation)
Augment physical damage delivered in her punch, kick & melee weapon strikes

Her usual tactics rely on defensive maneuvering and sabotaging the field of combat:
Removing clips and firing pins from guns or activating weapon safeties
Crimping grenade pins to render them inoperable
Swarming dust and debris around enemy heads to disorient

Zubrette Aldeen

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