Zinlobae Nurmeen

Pirate Captain, head of the Crimson Brotherhood


Zinlobae is a very attractive human woman with piercing blue eyes, fair skin, and short dark blonde hair. She carefully maintains her appearance, always looking professional and smart in functional ship suits. When in the field she often dons a cloak as her skin is sensitive to sunlight


Life on the world of Oktavia is harsh and it breeds a very tough sort of woman to compensate. Zinlobae Nurmeen a promising young female who was being groomed to someday captain one of the traveling city fortresses, when her home was attacked by a pirate crew known as the Insatiable Void. The ’Void had come for a man who had crash landed in an escape pod and had become the “guest” of the current city captain. When she unwisely refused to give up her favorite plaything the ’Void responded by laying the city fortress to waste. Zinlobae was one of the few survivors, left for dead among the wreckage. The Crimson Brotherhood had come along a mere day later in search of the same prize, they took in the survivors with the initial thought of selling them off as slaves, but after a few days the pirates realized they had on their hands a collection of fierce warriors. More than that, fierce warriors with an axe to grind where the Insatiable Void were concerned. The captain of the Crimson Brotherhood offered places for all the survivors on the spot and all agreed provided the ’Void were their first targets.


Over the years Zinlobae rose quickly through the ranks, showing a tactical flair as well as possessing natural leadership. When the captain died Zinlobae made her move. For years she had been forming alliances within in the Brotherhood and now she took control. Since she took command The Crimson Brotherhood’s fortunes have remained steadily positive and with her flair for political gamesmanship Nurmeen has forged alliances with certain governments to insure when times grow hard the Demon Star always has a berth to slide into.

Zinlobae Nurmeen

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