Umeko Mesuda




Umeko’s childhood was nothing special. Surviving the high pressure environment of the Japanese educational system she entered college with much promise but not a great deal of focus. Through her first year she applied herself to mathematics and considered a career in computer programming when heroes showed up in orbit with a space station. The space station, known as the Star Scraper, was from another universe. Soon these heroes were hiring civilians to man the station and Umeko found she had a focus: space! After pursuing her Masters she applied for a position with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency with idea of becoming an astronaut. It was not long before the secret society known as ECLIPSE, that group dedicated towards stopping any and all perceived alien threats, was exposed and brought down, providing Earth with amazing advanced technologies. Astronauts and scientists from all over the world were recruited into the new Global Interstellar Space Exploration Agency (GISEA). Umeko trained hard as an astronaut and was fortunate to be on the first official Terran flight on the Kate Bush under the command of Captain David Mallory, the super hero known as Vortex.

Umeko is rare among those in GISEA that she has made three interstellar tours, making her one of the most experienced astronauts in and above Earth.

Umeko has an explorer’s soul, she loves space more than anything else. She chafes at the regulations forcing her to remain on Earth for a year between tours. Still, she does enjoy promoting GISEA, traveling to schools and discussing the various amazing sights she has seen as well as training future astronauts. Umeko is one of GISEA’s most popular good will ambassadors.

Umeko is an excellent mathematician and astronomer, she has served in the capacity of ship’s navigator in the past but she is used to wearing many hats. She is a good all around hand, able to repair most major systems on board a ship and is very comfortable in extravehicular activities. She is not a bad shot with a pistol and over time picked up a few hand to hand moves from her shipmates. She speaks fluent English, French and Italian as well as Confederacy tradespeak.

Umeko Mesuda

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