Tom Morrow




Thomas aka Tom Morrow grew up in the lower East Side in Manhattan and still has a New York accent. He grew up tough because it was a rough neighborhood and he got out of there as soon as he could.

He went to the police academy and when he graduated they sent him to Science City.

Tom thrived in Science City and quickly made the rank of detective and worked in the homicide unit.

One time he solved a murder that happened at Quantum Labs. One scientist had killed his lab mate over jealousy of his successes. Tom confronted him in the lab in an effort to force a confession but the scientist got angry and dosed him with an untested dwarf star solution.

Tom was in the hospital unconscious for several days but when he awoke he had special powers. Super strength and invulnerability.

At first the City was thrilled to have a super-cop. Sometimes it helped to have a cop that could take a laser blast. But Tom’s gruff demeanor wasn’t ideal for celebrity status. Plus while he was still learning to control his power he managed to injure the mayor’s dog while trying to pet it.

And so suddenly there was talk of a cop exchange program. Science City would get an alien cop and Tom would go…somewhere else.

Tom Morrow

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