Steeljak is an itinerant android that has been kicking around the galaxy as a rogue, mercenary, and explorer for as long as anyone can remember. Some beings that have known him the longest say he was once human, but he can’t remember that and isn’t sure about whether he believes them.

He is able to cobble almost any technological components into replacement/repair parts to keep himself going, so he is a little motley looking at the best of times. He currently has a rather bulky body with a bit of a warlike appearance; he recently did a stint with a mercenary group.

No matter what he looks like, his voice always come out a sa little deep, gruff and gravelly. He has tried to tune his vox unit to make it different but it never lasts. He figures it must be a quirk in his programming.

Despite the look and the voice, he is generally friendly. He has seen and experienced too much to waste cycles being angry or hostile at everybody else. He prefers adventure and exploring to fighting and crimes, but he is realistic about how the galaxy works and knows he has to get his hands dirty sometimes.

He has a plasma pulse-ejector and vibro-ripper spurs built in, but in a fight he is adept at using any weapons available. He is also skilled at ship operations and is an excellent engineer.

His ship, the Rock Hopper has been with him for decades, and looks as motley as he does. It is a cut down freighter that relies more on speed than weapons to get out of trouble. It helps that Steeljak can maneuver at almost any speed and largely ignore the G-forces.



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