Oddvar Barstad


Oddvar is a grizzled man in his early forties, his beard often goes unkempt and his eyes quite often have a hint of madness to them. He often wears coveralls and while they start off clean they will soon grow wrinkled and stained with various industrial fluids.


Oddvar had always loved the sea ever since he had been a young man working on his Mother’s fishing boat hunting crab with his brothers. When he was old enough, however, he opted to join the Royal Norwegan Navy. His technical bent turned him to becoming an engineer and he exceled at it and he saw himself as a career officer. Then the Global Interstellar Space Exploration Agency (GISEA) sent out word they were looking for prospective astronauts and they felt people working on nuclear submarines would be likely candidates. Intrgued, Oddvar tried out and was accepted. Soon he was working in space and was out on his first tour.

Then things got…weird.

Oddvar wound up getting into crazy situations every time he stepped off the ship. Oddvar always wound up getting shot, stabbed, beaten, sickened by bizarre illnesses. Despite this he survived and made it back to Earth. When he went out on the second tour he was now chief engineer.

And the craziness happened again. Every single time he left the ship he got into some sort of trouble, even to the point of his getting seduced by a sentent meme (And no, even he can’t explain how or why that happened.). That did not go well. Oddvar got the point: don’t leave the ship.

When he got back to Earth he decided he was done with space. He would remain on Earth or in orbit, teaching another generation of engineers how and why to stay in the engine room.

Oddvar is a taciturn man who speaks exactly as much as he needs to. Often his responses consist of sullen grunts. He is lucky if he sleeps four hours a night and when he is awake he spends as much time in the engine room as he can, often with a book.

Oddvar Barstad

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