Lor Nala Tanalia Rina Shir

Empress Consort of The Shir Commonwealth




Some people know what they want from the very beginning. For Lor it was to be Empress. Oh, she knew she was not of royal blood, that she was a commoner from a minor but prosperous trading house. But she was smart, she was ambitious and and she did her homework. She knew Prince Graed Suta Shir fancied himself an artist and was always looking for new models. Lor managed to get a job modeling for him, intent on wooing him. Two things happened she did not expect. The first was the plan worked; Graed took an instant liking to this intelligent upstart.

The other was she took quite a liking to Graed in return. Oh, he was not going to be the sort to be manipulated behind the scenes but he actually valued her input, and she wisely gave it concerning matters she was well versed on rather than being some fool spouting opinions on everything. Graed’s Mother was less than thrilled but after an afternoon spent with her prospective daughter in law the ancient Empress was, well, a little less less than thrilled, saying with a sigh that her son “could have done much worse” and at least “their children have a fighting chance of being intelligent”. Lor took what she could get.

Now Empress Consort to arguably one of the most powerful sentients in space, Lor does a reasonable job of helping her husband stay on track. The nobility tolerate her (As if they had a choice.) and the citizenry love her.

Lor Nala Tanalia Rina Shir

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