Graed Suta Shir

Grand Emperor of the Shir Commonwealth




To be honest, Graed never wanted the job of Emperor. But the gods…or ancestors…or whomever was in charge of his destiny had very specific plans for him and so the eldest of the Shir sons and daughter had to set aside his holo brushes and adopt the mantle of Emperor when the Empress Shir (finally!) died of old…old age.

It was not that Graed had not been raised for the role; his Mother, the gods keep her, had insisted he learn what it meant to be the head of a constitutional monarchy. He was taught economics, statecraft, the elements of waging war. And he was a competent student of the various aspects of the job. He simply did not want to do it and would have given it up, had there been someone better qualified.

But sadly Graed knows his siblings a little too well; each flawed in their own way, every one would find some way to lead the Commonwealth to ruin. And so sighing, the mantle of statecraft heavy on his shoulders, Graed sits upon the throne attempting to keep the ship of state from running aground.

Graed is a decent sort of person. He is even tempered and calm and when he puts forth the effort he can even seem regal. But anyone who gets to know him realizes the halls of power are the last place he ever wanted to be and in moments of solitude he can be seen staring out windows, sighing wistfully as he imagines painting landscapes on his estate light years away.

Graed Suta Shir

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