Director of The Department of External Relations


Dillothel is a Oktavian just now entering old age. She has dark grey skin and stands almost seven feet tall albeit with a slight stoop. She is most often seen dressed in nondescript conservative gray, sometimes with a few meager frills to offset the dour nature of her garb.


In the Confederacy’s corridors of power there are few people despised as much as Dillothel, the permanent head of the Department of External Relations. Utterly ruthless, seemingly incorruptible, Dillothel has been responsible for numerous sanctions against a great many corporations, noble houses and planetary governments, not to mention bringing down several major criminal organizations. There have been numerous assassination attempts against her but she still survives, and indeed seems to thrive upon the hate she has generated over the decades.

Dillothel’s career began simply enough. She worked as a simple bureaucrat in a nondescript office when she came across a simple accounting error. Curious, she tugged upon this economic threat until it led her to a bribery scandal where high placed officials were being paid to look the other way where a planet inhabited by primitives were being used as slave labor to mine for fissionables. When she tried to report the incident she was almost murdered when her aircar was blown up with her Father inside. Incensed, she took the evidence to the press, who love a juicy scandal. What followed were years of trials and the destruction of numerous careers. Dillothel was almost killed twice more and she survived both attempts. This impressed the head of the External Affairs office and she was offered a position. Dillothel agreed, unaware she was being groomed as her superior’s replacement.

Dillothel actually loves her job, not just because of the criminals she has taken down, but also because it actually feels like she is doing some good in the universe.


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